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Elizabeth Kemp, Actress and Influential Teacher at the Actors Studio, Dies at 65

Lady Gaga, Hugh Jackman pay tribute

Elizabeth Kemp, an actress and admired teacher at the Actors Studio who had a profound effect on Bradley Cooper

- Mike Barnes

Elizabeth Kemp

It comes with a heavy heart to let you know that Elizabeth Kemp passed away on the 1st of September. Our heart goes out to her family and friends. Elizabeth was attached to the film for over a year; developing her character Anthea with wisdom, passion and grace. We will forever cherish all the memories, insight and inspiration she graced to us, and the film.

Your work and beautiful soul will continue to burn bright as we move forward with filming The Doorman in your memory.

From everyone here at Corner Piece Pictures, thank you for shining your light on us, may you rest in peace Elizabeth.

Door Night: It begins here

An Innovative Exhibition About Acceptance
What does acceptance mean today?
Twenty-four artists, twenty-five doors, and one film attempt to answer this question in one night. The Door Night event on the 1st June was an innovative exhibition, film launch and art auction featuring the works of some of Melbourne’s finest street artists, graphic artists and painters. The exhibition showcased twenty-five works of art presented on doors that conceptualised the film’s key theme.

"I enjoy that the city itself becomes the the canvas of the people who live in it."

- Daniel Lynch aka. Junky Projects

"A door represents opportunity…a gateway to your desires and passions."

- Zion Yaynu

"We have a tendency as human beings to put everything into categories."

- Keo Match

"What you can’t see behind closed doors."

- Chia Jen

"Even though you move forward into a new life there’s always something that you’re leaving behind."

- Eva Lubulwa

"Opening the door and having the courage to walk through it into a new experience or a new place."

- Stiff Ives

"Stepping into the unknown, trusting synchronicity and taking new pathways in life."

- Bryan Itch