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Thoughts After Dark

Zion Yaynu

Price: SOLD

Measurements of door: 820 x 2040




Each door purchased now includes an exclusive thank you sketch
drawn and signed by The Doorman actor & co-directer Mark Diaco.
Spend time on set during the filming of The Doorman, with the option to be in the actual film yourself.
Spend time in the edit suite and watch the film come together.
Receive a thank you in the closing credits.

About this artist?
Zion Yaynu

I am a 22 year old artist originally from Ethiopia. I have always loved creating, but got into painting about 2 and a half years ago when I was working at my old job (the reject shop). I always found myself drawn to the crafts aisle so one day I decided to take a canvas and some paint home and give it a go, and from there ArtisticnoiZ was born, a fusion of many realities. A collision of culture and the abstract. I am inspired my African roots and my Australian surrounding.

I love my painting to be heavily textured and standing off the canvas/ wall, I want people to come up close, see and feel the textures.

About this door?

On this door I used acrylic paint mixed with molding paste, painted on with a pallet knife. This piece is call "Thoughts After Dark", it expresses the concept that everything comes to life in the dark, especially in the such a lively city like Melbourne.

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Zion Yaynu


Zion Yaynu


Zion Yaynu