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New Beginnings

Stiff Ives

Price: $1800

Measurements of door: 820 x 2350




Each door purchased now includes an exclusive thank you sketch
drawn and signed by The Doorman actor & co-directer Mark Diaco.
Spend time on set during the filming of The Doorman, with the option to be in the actual film yourself.
Spend time in the edit suite and watch the film come together.
Receive a thank you in the closing credits.

About this artist?
Stiff Ives

Stiff Ives uses her art as a vehicle for communication, offering the viewer not only a visual expression of ideas, but also a chance to connect deeper with the natural world. There are themes that appear consistently in her work, as Stiff delves deep into the domain of Environmental degradation and its effect on living creatures that co-inhabit this planet we call home.

Igniting an interest and fostering an awareness of these issues in the viewer combines artistic expression with ecological education, giving an opportunity for people to reconnect with wild life, both externally and internally.

Evoking a feeling of reflective wonder in her work, Stiff strikes chords of contemplation within our hearts, asking us to consider the effects we may have on the reality beyond ourselves. Her human experience has given rise to the exploration of imagination, merging imagery from our modern reality with that of dream realms and internal veracities. Stiff experiences the divine in all living creatures, by witnessing their genuineness and integrity she has been able to cultivate these qualities herself, which is evident in her articulation as an artist. Each image is a gift of imagination, a call for compassion and an approach to healing, as Stiff Ives presents her Art and Medicine for the world.

About this door?

My door painting is a visual representation of new beginnings, scary and beautiful at the same time.

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Stiff Ives


Stiff Ives


Stiff Ives