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Price: $1700

Measurements of door: 820 x 2040




Each door purchased now includes an exclusive thank you sketch
drawn and signed by The Doorman actor & co-directer Mark Diaco.
Spend time on set during the filming of The Doorman, with the option to be in the actual film yourself.
Spend time in the edit suite and watch the film come together.
Receive a thank you in the closing credits.

About this artist?

ITCH is a Melbourne-based Artist, Graffiti Writer, Animator, VJ and Musician. He is proficient in a wide range of media including aerosol, oils, acrylic, digital art/animation and music production and is just as likely to be found painting large scale murals on the streets of Melbourne as he is to be found designing stages or performing live visuals for huge festivals.

About this door?

Doorways for me represent a chance to step into the unknown, stepping past ones comfort zone and transcending ones limitations with compounding knowledge & new experiences outside of social conditioning.

Only by questioning reality and seeking hidden doorways will we find gnosis amongst the detritus & distraction of a predatory and vacuous host culture.

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