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Future freedom, Cultural Past

Eva Lubulwa

Price: $1700

Measurements of door: 820 x 2040




Each door purchased now includes an exclusive thank you sketch
drawn and signed by The Doorman actor & co-directer Mark Diaco.
Spend time on set during the filming of The Doorman, with the option to be in the actual film yourself.
Spend time in the edit suite and watch the film come together.
Receive a thank you in the closing credits.

About this artist?
Eva Lubulwa

Future freedom, Cultural Past

Eva Lubulwa is an African Australian illustrator. Eva was born in Melbourne Australian and her heritage links are from Uganda, Africa. Her parents journeyed to Australia as political refugees to escape the Idi Amin dictatorship and as a result Eva is a 3rd Culture Kid and explores all the aspects of race that go along with growing up not knowing your heritage first hand but living it as a learnt experience.

Eva uses Pen, Ink, Watercolour and pencil to create her pieces that tackle ideas such as race and identity on various levels of understanding that range from childhood with the creating of cartoons to adulthood with her detailed pencil and ink drawings.

Eva is an emerging artist exhibiting in her debut show in December 2016 however her work has resinated with media outlets resulting in interviews on ABC 774 Radio, Triple R community radio, 3XFM Radio and article in the Age and Sydney Morning Herald.

About this door?

This drawing depicts the process of immigration. I am a child of political refugees who travelled from Uganda to Melbourne during the Idi Amin dictatorship period. Over time I have discussed with my mother about their process of migration. We have had many conversations about how migration allowed my parents to gain a brand new life in Australia, along with political and financial freedom. Australia gave them the opportunity of a new life for both them and their future children.

However my mother and I have also discussed how there is a part of her, a huge part that has been misplaced as part of the migration, the heritage connection has been severed, there are parts of her culture that was unable to be passed down to us in this new land and this will lead to a disconnection to the generations to follow.

This drawing is a reaction to what they have gone through, the struggle of gratitude for this new life and a longing for parts of their old life. The drawing has the sun depicted in the background symbolizing the dawn of a new life. The three figures facing forward depict the slow changes she has made as she became more assimilated into Australian culture and the figure looking back is the longing for the old life. The skirt is made up of the Melbourne Arts Centre as homage to where she migrated.

More about this artist

Eva Lubulwa


Eva Lubulwa