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Brent Watkins

Price: SOLD

Measurements of door: 820 x 2040




Each door purchased now includes an exclusive thank you sketch
drawn and signed by The Doorman actor & co-directer Mark Diaco.
Spend time on set during the filming of The Doorman, with the option to be in the actual film yourself.
Spend time in the edit suite and watch the film come together.
Receive a thank you in the closing credits.


About this artist?
Brent Watkins

Brent Watkins was born in Bairnsdale and grew up in Melbourne where he currently lives. He has family from the Gunnaikurnai people in Gippsland, Victoria and the Yamaji people from Geraldton, Western Australia. He taught himself Aboriginal art after being given an opportunity to draw on a blank boomerang in Grade 5. He has worked at Mia Mia Aboriginal Art Gallery in Melbourne and does performance, didgeridoo and dance for school groups. He has an interest in bringing together Aboriginal culture and contemporary culture, in particular in hip hop dance, which he has been doing since 2008.

About this door?

We do not see what happens behind closed doors.

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Brent Watkins


Brent Watkins